Beyond Success To Significance

Investment Criteria

Investment Overview:

FTL Capital is a private investment firm representing the interests of its Managing Partner, Thomas Hillman. We focus on partnering with managers and entrepreneurs to execute on their strategic visions and build long term value. We have no set investment horizon and continue to own the first business we acquired over 10 years ago. Our approach is straight forward, people come first. The potential to have “true significance” in the lives of our investment’s key constituencies—employees, customers, and community, is what drives us today.

Investment Criteria:

Company Characteristics

  • Preference for entrepreneur or family owned
  • Revenues up to $100MM
  • EBITDA up to $5MM
  • Significant operations in US
  • Equity: Control Investments

Company Attributes

  • Instances where our special insights or leadership and strategy expertise create meaningful value
  • Potential for significance in its market
  • Capable management
  • Solid business models that are fixable or scalable
  • Differentiated products or services

Areas of Expertise

  • Industrial products and services
  • Business and financial services
  • Distressed/Turnaround
  • Real Estate
  • Technology
  • Food